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beeswax candle in the shape of an antique Edinburgh bottle

JT Leighton, Edinburgh - Beeswax Candle

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This beeswax candle made from a bottle originating in Edinburgh still has the detail of the original bottle stopper. It will burn a little longer than most of our candles with a recorded burn time of 80 hours.

JT Leighton is a mystery to us, we're not sure of the history of the company, though we do know they were based in Edinburgh and Picardy Place can still be found on maps of Edinburgh today. Originally known as "Picardie village" it was a hub of industry and the birthplace of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, writer of Sherlock Holmes.

Amazing burn times: 80 hours of golden bright flame

Weight: 475g

Height: 215mm

Width: 60mm

Beeswax has such a long burn time, while staying clean, natural and bright. It is also sustainable and supporting the bees means supporting a sustainable and healthy environment! That's why we love it, and hope you do too! You can learn more about beeswax here.

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