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Uniquely crafted beeswax candles

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Why choose Askews Candles?

100% British beeswax

Beeswax has the longest and brightest burn of any candle, while staying sustainable

All natural

Completely paraben free, beeswax won't release any soot or toxins into the air while it burns

Great burn

Beeswax boasts huge burn times and a beautiful golden quality of light

Candlemaking, an ancient tradition

Beeswax was used by the ancient Egyptians for candles and for sealing, it was a rare and valuable substance found in the long forgotten rediscovered tombs. It has also been found in the remains of Viking ships and in the ruins of ancient Rome. Tallow was also used in candles by the Romans, though they did use beeswax for candles as well and the beeswax candles have always been superior in that they have a smokeless and cleaner burn.