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Q. Where does your beeswax come from?

All of our beeswax is sourced in the UK. 


Q. Are your candles scented?

Our candles are not scented but beeswax candles do have a very subtle honey aroma when burning if you are close enough to them.


Q. Where do you dispatch the candles from?

All of our candles are dispatched from Hurworth, in the North East of England.


Q. Where do you make the candles?

All of our candles are hand poured and finished in the stables of the family home in Hurworth, in the North East of England.


Q. Do I need to trim the wicks?

Yes, due to the traditional nature of the candles you will occasionally need to trim the wicks. Although beeswax is a soot-less burn, if the wick is too long it will need to be trimmed!


Q. Do I need to put my candle on something while it burns?

Yes, as the candle is traditional in nature and due to the bottle shapes, please place your candle on something to catch the dripping wax. Even though beeswax cools very quickly and is easy to peel off, it is recommended that you always burn your candle on a solid fire resistant surface.


Q. Why beeswax?

We love beeswax for its amazing clean burn, bright glow, and long burn times. We also love the fact that by buying beeswax we are supporting the bee population, something that is vital to the health of our ecosystem.


Q. Where do you get your bottles from?

We have sourced our bottles from many places, as gifts to us, from antique shops, from charity shops and anywhere that has interesting designs for us to make into candles!