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The Askew Brothers

Askews Candles are made by two brothers in the stables of the family home, located in Hurworth just outside of Darlington. The venture started in 2016 when George had the idea to transform his candle making hobby into something that could reach more people. With the help of his older brother, Askews Candles was born!

Now Joe and George work hard at ensuring these unique pieces are functional as well as pleasing on the eye, while evoking a sense of history. The candles are made from custom moulds from the original bottles. Always evolving and searching for new and intriguing vintage bottles to use, the designs of the candles are legacies of what has come before them in history. Brewery bottles, poison bottles and other assorted mementos of a time gone by are what make the candles so different.

alnwick beeswax candle

Using beeswax is a conscious decision from the Askew brothers and the reasons for using this special substance are numerous. The golden glow is like nothing else and the clean burn is perfect for those wanting to stay true to nature. This millennia-old tradition has now been picked up by the Askew brothers and has become a part of the family they hope to hold on to for generations to come. Go here to learn more about beeswax!

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