beeswax candle in the shape of an antique Darlington bottle

Darlington Bottling Company beeswax candle

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This beautiful beeswax candle is in the shape of a Darlington Bottling Company bottle. The tapered neck gives it a smooth burn.

Perfect if you want something to light up your home, or just to look pretty on your mantelpiece.

Darlington is the birthplace of the steam train and this antique bottle captures the industrious history of the town. The signage for the company can still be seen on Gladstone Street in Darlington, although it is long abandoned. An advert from a 1958 newspaper explains the company bottled not only mineral water, which was in this bottle, but also spirits, tonics, beer, cordials and high-class table waters!

Amazing burn time: 70 hours of golden bright flame

Weight: 385g

Height: 200mm

Width: 60mm